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Sneaky Beats Instructor


Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Educator

Since arriving in Townsville a few years ago, Louie has brought the culmination of his influences abroad in the US to town. Creating one of the premier live acts and teaching studios in Townsville, his goal is to bring a wealth of value and exposure to the best music possible for the community. 

For over a decade Louie has worked in music, and through that time he's honed his ability as a player, singer, songwriter and educator. His years of study in Boston as well as life in Nashville allowed him to connect with leading players in the music industry to provide a unique perspective for the Townsville community.

While living in Boston and Nashville, Louie graduated Magna Cumme Laude (Honours) at Berklee College of Music where he received his Bachelors of Music majoring in songwriting complimenting his Bachelors of Popular Music Earned in 2012 at the Queensland Conservatorium. Louie's qualifications branched him into many areas of the industry not only as a performer but educator, session player, producer and songwriter/composer. 

During his music career Louie has developed a keen ear for a variety of styles of music. From chickin' pickin' country solos, soulful blues or funky rearrangements of your favorite pop songs, Louie's goal is always to bring his devoted passion into whatever he plays on stage or teaches in the studio.

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